Vintage News

2020 Vintage


The 2020 season was a challenge, with generally poor yields and unprecedented disruption at vintage time due to COVID-19. Our 2020 Shiraz wine, destined for the Jelka label, is in the winery, although there wasn't a lot.


2019 Vintage


The 2019 season was favourable with excellent conditions throughout, although in the end lighter crops were harvested. We are now setting aside Shiraz for future Jelka bottling, and it's looking and tasting beautifully.

Our vineyard redevelopment continued with our old Cabernet Sauvignon block removed and another Shiraz block planted. 


2018 Vintage


The 2018 season was a pleasure, with excellent fruit all around. Another vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon now in the winery.

With the Australian wine industry feeling optimistic we also have continued our vineyard redevelopment with young blocks added. Patience is the game now.


2017 Vintage


The 2017 season was long and slow, but harvesting was a pleasure with ripening close to ideal. Only the Cabernet Sauvignon was picked for Jelka Wines.

The old Merlot block was ingloriously chain-sawed off last winter and grafted to Cabernet Sauvignon. We have faith in Blewitt Springs CS, the track record shows how well suited it is for the vineyard.


2016 Vintage


2016 was fantastic. Very favourable ripening conditions, no weather challenges during the picking, and happy winemaking - the quality is excellent.

2015 Vintage


2015 was a dry year, with an early vintage but the vines were able to ripen the fruit well without heat stress. The Merlot was picked a little later than usual to ensure flavour development. The Cabernet Sauvignon crop was low but exceptionally good fruit quality.

2014 Vintage


After a difficult patch with heatwave conditions the weather settled and ripening was ideal. 


Immediately following the last picking we were on a plane and heading off to California, and included lots of wine regions and wineries. 

The 2012 Merlot and 2012 Old Vine Grenache are bottled. Fresh and early drinking. Will settle and develop in the bottle.


2013 Vintage


It was a dream year in the vineyard and the winery. Back to the experience of years ago when the summer was without great incident - no rains, no disease pressure. Lazy ripening, picking at optimal timing. What more could you want. Merlot is in the winery.......


2012 Vintage

It has been a terrific year in the vineyard and the winery. The ripening was outstanding, fruit perfect, and a very happy winemaker. We have the first Jelka Grenache in barrels, and also Jelka Merlot from 2012. It's early still, but they should be very good when it comes to their release.


Thanks to everyone for your interest, support and orders - Jelka Wines continues to grow.